Think Squash

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Want to stay healthy and have a well-toned body? Think squash.
Want an activity that helps you socialize? Think squash.
Want an activity you can do all year round and is weather proof? Think squash.
Want a sport that does not burn a hole in the pocket? Think squash.

Reported by Forbes magazine as the world’s healthiest sport, it is evident why squash topped the
list. It provides a thoroughly modern and potentially competitive, effective workout in minimal
time and space. This makes it ideal for urban lifestyles, of the kind that have generated increases
in child obesity and other metabolic health issues. Squash is a great way to combat these trends.

Health Aspects

• Good stress reliever
• Builds muscular endurance
• Increases flexibility and strength in the back
• Improves general and psychological well-being
• Promotes good coordination, agility and flexibility
• Develops strength and power of muscles, notably leg and arm muscles
• Improves hand-eye co-ordination with concentration required for serving
• Effective calorie burner as energy is supplied to the muscles instead of forming fat
• Furthers concentration and mental strength, with matches often lasting for some time
• Boosts cardiovascular fitness (the heart and lungs organs), allowing more oxygen to be pumped around the body and help energise muscles
• Boosts flexibility and sprint speed due to the fast-paced nature of squash within the
enclosed court area

Social Aspects

• Fun-filled activity suitable for all ages
• Can be played for leisure or as a competitive sport
• Opportunity to make new friends and improve social skills
• With both players having to share a confined court space in competition, they have to co- exist. This unique feature teaches valuable lessons of friendship and friendly rivalry.

Cost Aspects

• Easy to get started even without formal coaching
• Relatively cheap equipment; racquet, ball, clothing and non-marking soled shoes

Availability/ Ease of Use

• Not affected by weather, all year round
• Thousands of courts are available worldwide; most local sports facilities have at least one

You don’t play squash to get fit, you get fit to play squash.

SQUASH 2020  is a campaign to coordinate support for Squash to become part of the 2020 Olympic Games. Download the logo and Be a Supporter too!